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Published on September 01, 2009

Palos Welcomes Breast Surgeon

As part of its mission to provide comprehensive Women's Health Services, Palos Community Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of breast surgeon Kanesha Bryant, M.D., to its medical staff. Dr. Bryant is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in all areas of breast surgery, including breast cancer and such benign breast conditions as fibroadenomas and intraductal papillomas.

Kanesha Bryant, M.D.

Dr. Bryant's philosophy of care is to support women who are concerned about their breast health and to help them coordinate a seamless transition between all facets of their health care. "If a woman finds a breast lump or gets the call that she's had an abnormal mammogram, she naturally may feel anxious and concerned, but life doesn't stop," says Dr. Bryant. "I feel it is my responsibility to help alleviate their concerns by empowering patients with information and educating them so that they can become an active member of their care team."

Dr. Bryant comes to Palos Community Hospital from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where she trained under a multi-disciplinary team of breast specialists that included breast surgeons, radiologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, and medical and radiological oncologists. Mayo Clinic is internationally renowned as the leading and largest integrated medical facility in the world, and is acclaimed for its dedication to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of complex illness. Dr. Bryant completed a yearlong fellowship in breast surgery at the Mayo Clinic in 2009.

Born and raised in East St. Louis, Dr. Bryant attended Pennsylvania State University in University Park, where she earned a bachelor's degree in biology in 1999. She received her doctorate degree from the University of Illinois, College of Medicine in 2003 and completed her residency training in general surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago/Metropolitan Group Hospitals in 2008 where she was awarded the William C. Allen Award for Clinical Excellence and Humanitarianism in 2006. She is a member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, the Mayo Fellowship Association, the Illinois State Medical Society and the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Bryant received board-certification in 2008 and joined the medical staff of Palos Community Hospital in August. Dr. Bryant's office is located in the Palos Primary Care Center, 15300 West Avenue, Orland Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact her office at (708) 226-2872.

Palos Community Hospital provides a continuum of care in breast health, including screening and diagnostic digital mammography. For women needing advanced and diagnostic evaluation, our comprehensive services include physical exam, ultrasound, breast MRI, fine needle biopsy, core needle biopsy, surgery, and breast cancer care and treatment.