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Weight Management Services at Palos

Palos Community Hospital is committed to treating obesity and the medical risks that accompany the condition. The services at Palos are aimed to help you achieve weight loss and improve overall well-being.

Call (708) 226-2330 to learn more about weight management programs at Palos Primary Care Center.

Why Choose Palos Community Hospital for Weight Management

We believe the Weight Management Services at Palos Community Hospital can meet your needs with one of our dedicated programs that provide professional, safe and comprehensive treatment.

We have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals available to guide you through the transition from overweight or obese to a healthier weight, while decreasing health risks associated with these conditions. We recognize the dedication and commitment it takes to make the serious decision to get started. Palos Community Hospital's weight management professionals are equally committed to helping you reach your weight-loss goals, but more importantly, we understand your desire to achieve lasting weight control.

Our approach not only invites you to lose weight, but all of our programs focus on helping you gain skills for long-term success so you can live a healthier life. The staff and programs offered at Palos Community Hospital assist adults, teens and adolescents by offering medical weight management and food plans combined with counseling for lifestyle change.

We understand that overweight and obesity are more complex than eating too much and/or exercising too little. While these factors play a role in weight gain, we understand that environment and genetic factors play a role as well.

For more information about our Nutrition Counseling and Weight Management Services available at the Palos Primary Care Center in Orland Park, call (708) 226-2330.

Weight Management Programs & Services

Palos Community Hospital's Weight Management Services include several options for the treatment of overweight and obesity, including private consultations and group programs for adults.

Our Weight Management Team at Palos Community Hospital

Our nutrition counseling sessions and programs are conducted by highly qualified registered dietitians who share a vast knowledge of nutrition and health, combined with many years of experience. All of our dietitians are licensed, have master's degrees and are certified diabetes educators. They also have certifications in adult weight management. Our dietitians provide education in a supportive, empowering and friendly environment with the focus to help you meet the goals you set for yourself.

For additional information, call (708) 226-2330.