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Welcome to the Hospitaller Pavilion

A Vision for the Future of Health Care in Our Community

Palos Community Hospital, the health care leader in the southwest suburbs, has invested in the health of the community through the reopening of our updated surgical and intensive care units, and the conversion to all private rooms. The six-year project was completed in two phases. The state-of-the-art surgical and intensive care suites replaced those built more than 25 years ago. Our new Center for Short Stay Care provides convenient access to outpatient services, while the new private patient rooms enhance patient comfort and care. The project's second phase transformed existing patient rooms from semi-private to private and integrates the latest advances in health care.

Private patient rooms, integrated procedure services and the Center for Short Stay Care are the cornerstones of the Hospitaller Pavilion.

Private Patient Rooms

Because of the documented success of our Cardiovascular Unit's nursing pods, which put nurses within eyesight of patients at all times, Palos has incorporated a variation of the concept on all inpatient floors. In addition, all 306 newly constructed and fully refurbished private patient rooms will include additional equipment and storage space for necessary supplies, which can be hidden when not in use. Private rooms offer greater privacy for the delivery of bedside treatments and for family members so they can be more involved in the healing process.

Soothing room décor, advanced technology and quick access to care help further reduce infections and enable physicians, nurses and other health care providers to deliver the most effective care possible. One of the most important benefits is our ability to maintain our already low infection rates. Studies also have shown that private rooms are therapeutic, comfortable and efficient. The quiet environment can improve not only blood pressure and heart rate but also quality of sleep and pain management.

Fully Integrated Services

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Palos 20/20 is the integrated surgical and procedure services area and the Center for Short Stay Care (CSSC). Integrated procedure services are located on the first floor of the new addition, and combine surgery, interventional radiology and gastrointestinal/endoscopy procedures in a single functionally and physically integrated space. Fourteen state-of-the-art operating suites are the highlight of the new space. Each one is large enough to house all of the necessary equipment to perform a variety of inpatient and outpatient procedures, which eliminates the need and wait for specialty rooms. The surgical area also includes four endoscopy suites, a minor surgery room and an interventional radiology suite.

The design of the new integrated procedure services area improves efficiency for both patients and staff. Patients experience a relaxed and seamless process, and those who accompany them are comforted by not only the new surroundings but our automated patient tracking system. Spacious operating rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, integrated technologies, and improved lighting.

Center for Short Stay Care

For each service provided in the integrated procedure services area, patients use the adjacent Center for Short Stay Care (CSSC) for procedure preparation and outpatient recovery. The CSSC is an innovative concept in hospital care. Both inpatients and outpatients receive pre-procedure care within the area. Outpatients are then transfer back to the CSSC from either the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) or their procedure room, and remain in Short Stay until they are ready to go home. Inpatients transfer to a private patient room. New tracking technology enables you to follow patients through the entire process so families can be updated on an ongoing basis.

The CSSC provides a more efficient, comfortable and seamless model of care for both patients and their families. It offers a single point of entry for all patients undergoing any invasive procedure, whether it's a surgical, interventional radiology or endoscopy procedure. In a fast-paced and technologically advanced environment, the CSSC provides a calm and accommodating atmosphere that is more conducive to the healing process.