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A "Palos Baby" Story

The Birth of Possibilities

The Brown family in their Frankfort home just
10 days after baby Finnegan was born. All four
of the Brown children were born at Palos
Community Hospital.

With the opening of two private birthing suites in 1983, Palos Community Hospital became the first hospital in the southwest suburbs to introduce the concept of family-centered maternity care. The idea was simple: Provide patients with a single private room where mother and baby are cared for by the same team of nurses in the same private room throughout the entire birthing process. To this day, Palos Community Hospital is still the only hospital in the southwest suburbs that offers this advanced level of maternity care.

Our state-of-the-art Birthing Center now features 27such maternity suites, and we’ve advanced our level of care to provide the most comprehensive and personalized birthing experience available.

Palos’ staff of more than 100 registered nurses, lactation consultants and health care providers is extensively educated in the care of both mothers and babies through all phases of the birthing process. This unparalleled level of staffing makes it possible for Palos to provide 1-to-1 registered nurse/patient care during labor, a practice that is unsurpassed in the southwest suburbs. In addition, our certified lactation consultants not only visit moms and their babies daily in our Birthing Center, but they see breastfeeding mothers anywhere in the hospital. To help promote successful breastfeeding, Palos also hosts a weekly support group for all nursing moms and their babies, regardless of where they gave birth.

“We are creating a ‘Baby Friendly’ environment,” says Karen Callahan, director of Maternal & Child Services. “By encouraging skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery and supporting mothers in initiating and maintaining successful breastfeeding, our goal is to provide an exceptional birthing experience for you, your baby and your entire family.” Because at Palos Community Hospital we believe families – not just babies – are born.

Frankfort-resident Meghan McCauley-Brown and her husband, Bill, gave birth to their family at Palos Community Hospital. Meghan delivered their first child here in December of 2007, a daughter named Maggie. Their second daughter Maeve was born in 2008, their son Declan in 2010, and Meghan just delivered their fourth child – a boy named Finnegan – at Palos in April.

“We love Palos Community Hospital,” Meghan says. “Right after we were married, I had an ectopic pregnancy and came to Palos for treatment. It was a very traumatic time because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to have children, but the nurses at Palos were all so wonderful. We knew from that moment on that Palos would be our hospital.”

Now each time Meghan returns, she’s surrounded by familiar faces that fill her with the comfort and confidence that comes with knowing she’s in good hands. “I just can’t rave enough about the nurses at Palos. With my first baby, I was so worried about privacy. I just wanted time alone with my baby, and Palos respected my wishes. They took care of my needs as much as they did my baby’s. The nice grounds and soothing atmosphere are a bonus, but it’s the people who really made the difference for me.”

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